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  • Product manager
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Product manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Market research and demand analysis: According to the collected information, analyze the market status, trends, and benchmark brands to obtain an analysis of the current status of existing products, and through insight into user needs, identify user attributes, and realize user demand transformation.

2. Product planning: Based on the information gathered by the analysis, participate in putting forward hypotheses and ideas for opportunity products, form product development suggestions, and implement new product planning and implementation.

3. Product management: Follow up the performance of product launches, collect, analyze, and summarize feedback information, and then optimize, iterate, and manage operations. Comprehensive product line management and product life cycle management.

4. Product operation: Clear product crowd positioning, market positioning, and price strategy, clearly communicate product information to channel operators, and product and operation mutually empower each other to achieve category sales tasks and achieve gross profit.

5. New product project management: In order to achieve the category size and gross profit target, the resources of research and development and supply chain are called to ensure that the products are supplied on time, on quality and quantity.


1. Possess knowledge of development process and marketing of small household electrical appliances;

2. Understand the development status of the home appliance industry;

3. Familiar with data analysis software;

4. Understand the entire chain of product planning, product research and development, manufacturing, channels and marketing;

5. Bachelor's degree, more than 2 years of work experience, more than 1 year of experience in product positions or operation of e-commerce in the home appliance industry

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