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        生于2006年,是萌家电的创造者,也是萌生活的践行者,致力于为用户提供轻松、愉悦、可分享的品质生活。 Xiaoxiong Electric was born in 2006. It is the creator of Meng Appliance and the practitioner of Meng life. It is committed to providing users with a relaxed, enjoyable and shareable quality of life. The cute brand gene makes the bear not only bring people a relaxed and enjoyable experience, but also organically integrates people, home appliances, and life to achieve a cute life.

Xiaoxiong Electrical Appliances takes Meng Appliance as its positioning, adheres to the user as the center, and takes the product as the core to form a complete R & D, production and sales system. The core categories of yogurt machines, electric cookers, health pots, humidifiers, electric lunch boxes, egg cookers, and bean sprouts have long occupied important positions in the market. The company has an experienced R & D team and marketing team. Over the years, it has continuously improved its independent research and development capabilities. With outstanding technical achievements and Zoran's product quality, it has won more than 300 national patents and led the product innovation of the small home appliance industry.

Since its establishment, Xiaoxiong Electric has always maintained rapid and stable development. With its personalized product design, rich product line, mature marketing model, and well-recognized brand values and concepts, it has been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign consumers. The number of users has exceeded 50 million. Xiaoxiong Electric will continue to innovate cute home appliances to create a relaxed and warm cute life.